Stop using leather? Let's do the math

We consume a lot of meat globally and a large part of that is sourced from cattle. If we would stop making leather today, what would happen? If we completely switched to vegan leather and other alternative materials, this animal by-product would still be here. This video shows the numbers and what impact this would have on our global waste pile. Find out more in this article about the use of food industry leftovers in our car interiors and many other applications.  

Leather is a natural material with many benefits and applications. It's been in use by humans for thousands of years as a material that protects, resists and endures. On our website, you can find plenty of information about this unique material, that not only has remarkable qualities but is also a sustainable option thanks to responsible production. But there is much more to discover about leather. Did you know, for example, that it is the leather grain that determines its quality? And that leather manufacturers uphold high standards in health and safety? Discover more about automotive leather and find many other reasons why we shouldn't waste this precious material by producing new plastics that will inevitably cause new issues for our already vulnerable environment.