Discover the true story of leather

One 4 Leather was founded with the purpose in mind to share factual information about leather. Insights on how it's made, where it comes from, and how it uses waste material and turns it into a valuable by-product. This video tells the story of the big 'why' behind our platform. If you're curious to learn more about One 4 Leather, make sure to find out more on this page.

As a group of leather manufacturers, One 4 Leather believes it is important to provide the industry with a platform that shares the full story of leather. It is, after all, hard to find reliable insights on the leather industry, the way it sources its material, improves processes and works hard to limit the carbon footprint and have a smaller impact on our planet. As an industry, leather production is facing a lot of scrutinies, which is good. It stimulates us to do better. Yet, there's also a lot of incorrect reporting out there, that spreads incorrect or, at best, misguided information. With One 4 Leather, we provide a source of correct information and insights for you to browse at your leisure.

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