Transparency on how leather is made is crucial

Transparency on how leather is made is crucial

Did you know leather production was often a family secret in early societies? The methods were closely protected and passed down to the eldest son, who would continue working the craft. This way, leather producers kept their competitive edge for generations and being a leather maker gained a prestige that has carried on to this day.

Today that secrecy has made way for transparency and traceability throughout the entire leather supply chain. Many automotive family tanneries have been (and continue to) invest in systems and technologies to work towards ensuring that they have full traceability in their manufacturing, and as a result are able to offer customers peace of mind when it comes to the sustainability of their production process.

Of course, each tannery has its own innovations and recipes, but as an industry the European automotive leather manufacturers all practice and often go beyond best available technology in all aspects of their operations. The modern openness to best practice in tanneries has helped tanners improve their processes and optimize their use of resources

This is why the One 4 Leather platform was created, to share knowledge and facts about the automotive leather industry. Why? Because we think it’s important to provide access to all this information. That’s why we’ll gladly tell you how and where it comes from. No secrets here.

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