Leather was once used in healthcare

Leather has been used for many years in medical applications

Leather was historically often used in the world of medicine. In fact, up until the 1960s, it was used to improve the comfort of bed-ridden patients (often using sheep leather). The soft material was used for patients forced to have an extended stay or spend their time in a wheelchair.

The soft material would prevent bedsores and offered the most comfort for the skin when it came to friction and longer periods lying or sitting down. No surprise that throughout history leather had also been used in braces for broken or sprained limbs, bags, identification bracelets, and other instruments. If you look for images of historic prosthetics, you’ll mostly see items clad or made of leather for its remarkable qualities.

Sheepskin is still used in medical applications, though mostly with the wool on. The wool offers support on all pressure points, absorbs moisture and offers warmth and comfort. In addition, leather has natural antibacterial and bug repelling properties, which is one more reason for its persistent use.