Leather is the most easily customised interior choice

Leather: the most easily customised interior choice

Colour is applied to leather in different phases of the tanning, retanning and finishing process. Even after wet processing, color changes can be made with various finishing technologies. Because color in leather is achieved through a combination of dyeing and spray finishing, the nuances for the material are unlimited and that has many advantages for your car interior.

Think of a custom interior, where you can have the color you desire, but also in different shades and effects. Leather is easy to produce in unlimited, tailor-made designs and colors. That flexibility opens up endless possibilities for an individualized interior. Other materials have to be produced in bulk, which makes a customized interior an expensive and often unattainable commodity. 

When you have the leather seats of your desired look and feel installed, you certainly will enjoy them for many years. After all, automotive leather is engineered to be colorfast and resist fading or other damaging effects by sunlight, sweat, and other forms of material stress. Unlike other materials, leather doesn’t require replacing for many years. 

Tanneries use color-checking instruments to ensure 100% color matches. So, what color would you choose? 

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