Leather is the favourite car upgrade

Leather is the preferred car upgrade

A leading survey gave participants a choice: you get to spend $5,000 on features and accessories for your car interior, what do you pick? With leather seats priced at $1,500, the overwhelming majority chose it as their first upgrade instead of power seats, a moon roof or a prime stereo set in their vehicle. 60% of the respondents would be willing to pay more for leather seating.

This is not entirely surprising, as leather seats are one of the most common upsell choices offered by car dealers. Not only are these seats the easiest in maintenance and cleaning, they also give more resell value to your car due to their durability.

Since upselling means that the costs can significantly go up, some companies have specialized in reupholstering car interiors for sharp prices with customizable options. For many car buyers, both private and business, reupholstering is an attractive option. Leather is simply the best interior option.

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