Discover how the leather for a car interior is made

Have you always been curious how leather, used in car seats, dashboards and steering wheels is produced? This infographic explains the process from field to seat of how a leather car seat is made, using a circular material readily available. Though leather is a work-intensive material, it has a lot of advantages that we put to good use when we put them in our cars or use it for garments and interiors. Leather is a material made to last, and no petroleum-based plastics can equal its remarkable properties. 

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Would you like to find out more about how leather is made? Read more about the process in this article about the leather used for your car seat. Leather is a unique material, and it's a shame to let it go to waste by replacing it with other materials. It has remarkable properties that distinguish it from other materials. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to figure out what sort of material you are actually using with labels like 'vegan leather' in circulation. Learn how the mishandling of labelling for materials has hurt the reputation of automotive leather and the leather used in our garments and home interiors. 

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