How leather creates value from industry leftovers

Did you know that 40% or 50 % of a cow is actually the meat we eat? That means a significant amount of the animal are by-products, of which up to 95% is reused. Leather is actually just one of these by-products, but we put it to good use in many applications that help us and make daily live more pleasant. This infographic explains how value is created from these leftovers as hides are turned into long-lasting leather

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Curious to learn more about leather and its production? Find out how leather manufacturers constantly seek to improve their processes and reduce their environmental footprint. Yet also, find out why leather is such a sustainable choice for car interiors due to its durability, resistance and more. There is a lot of information there that simply doesn't convey the full story and if we would not use animal hides to produce leathers, these would all go to waste. As long as we eat meat, animal hides will be available. Would you substitute them for newly produced petrochemical plastics instead? We wouldn't, which is why we want to share the full story of this remarkable material, which you can explore through stories, facts and articles that give you an in-depth look at this material. 

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