Vilner adds lots of leather to replace BMW X7’s plastic

Vilner adds lots of leather to replace BMW X7’s plastic

BMW X7, writes Motor1. Vilner states he wants to solve the ‘plastic problem’ in the car, by applying leather upholstery parts. “This is the hardest plastic used in any contemporary BMW model, placed in the most obvious areas throughout the car, such as the base of the seats. When you touch the switch panels you won’t be so happy to remember that you’ve spend around 120K+ euro on this car.”

His solution is to cover these hard plastic areas in leather, including the bases of the seats, the upper section of the dashboard and the second-row console. The leather features the recognizable X7 logo, in the same visual manner as the plastic interior parts. It’s a bold choice to change the whole interior of the car. 

Atanas Vilner points out something about the changing interiors. How much leather can we replace within a car to the point that it doesn’t feel right anymore? There is something to say about an aspect of comfort that disappears when we substitute all interior parts for non-leather materials. And the big question: is it really a better option? It changes the whole aesthetic experience of the car interior. It’s been made abundantly clear, that these ‘plastic’ alternatives aren’t necessarily better for the environment, as most of these materials are not biodegradable and are produced using non-renewable resources. 

Sustainably sourced leather offers a durable and renewable option that not only gives interiors the right feel, but also is also less harmful for the environment in the long run

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