Time to buy a car? Industry hopes for coronavirus silver lining

Time to buy a car? Industry hopes for coronavirus silver lining

Social distancing and isolation have had an impact on our use of transport. As cars stood still on driveways around the world, there was little incentive to buy a new one. In fact, we reported earlier that car buying was possibly undergoing an unprecedented shift. The Financial Times writes that car sales may soon go up for similar reasons pertaining to safety and health.

The reluctance of many consumers to be in the proximity of others may be the turning-point for dropping ownership figures amongst Millennials. The concept of shared mobility, up until recently one of the main trends in automotive, has taken a major beating as it relies on trust and willingness to share spaces. Contact and hygiene were already challenges, but might have become deal breakers due to the COVID-19 fears.

When it comes to mobility interiors, having control over your own hygiene might push the low-ownership groups to purchase their own car. When it comes to interiors, for both private and public transport, leather becomes even more so the preferred choice due to its beneficial hygiene and performance properties. As a material it is easy to clean, highly resistant to soiling and staining and finishes help it to repel dirt. When it comes to comfort about ones wellbeing, or simply maintainability, leather is the preferred choice.

For this new car owner, the right information and proper labeling will be extremely important and helpful for car dealerships looking to sell premium.

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