Leather jackets at the ready for Surface Warfare Officers

Leather jackets at the ready for Surface Warfare Officers

The US military has many traditions and symbols. One of those has recently been developed and made available by the US Navy for their officers and it is a designated officer jacket of high-quality black leather. The garment serves as an instantly recognizable symbol of the institution.

The jacket represents the long-standing history of excellence, achievements and professionalism of the Surface Warfare Officers (SWOs). It is designed to be easily identified as part of a long lineage. The choice for leather is not such a strange one, but in a time of vegan alternatives and false news concerning the material, a bold one nonetheless.

The US Navy announced that the intention is that the jacket becomes a source of pride and a symbol of tactical expertise for sailors who have earned their SWO pin. Leather is a material that, like the US Navy, represents endurance, resistance and strength. As a material, it represents craftsmanship and heritage, making it the right fit for this purpose. SWOs who retire are allowed to retain the jacket, and knowing the properties of leather, that means it’s likely to be worn for life as a badge of pride by those who served.

The pandemic had significantly delayed the production and distribution of these already iconic leather jackets, which will soon become a familiar feature.

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