Metcha takes a fresh look at car interiors

Metcha takes a fresh look at car interiors

We already think leather is pretty cool, but if you want to see how cool it can look as an interior material for the most desired cars out there, have a look at the Metcha platform. A fresh website that is filled with the latest trends in fashion, interiors, mobility and more. 

Treat yourself to a series of stunning pictures of places (and cars) you can dream of. Metcha has it all with the classic look of a Mercedes Benz, featuring a leather interior that just oozes class and timelessness to the sharp shapes of a Lamborghini that almost lets you break the sound barrier. Or, if you prefer a compact Mini Cooper or the robust Land Rover, with its rugged interior, ready for anything. 

Did we mention the platform is quite fresh? Be ready for the voice of what is happening today. So have a look at the platform, enjoy yourself, and get inspired by the stunning possibilities of automotive leather interiors for the coolest cars out there. Also, find out about a competition for young designers to work with leather. 

View the content on the Metcha platform.

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