Make the Call

Make the Call

Sam Setter looks forward to see what awaits the leather industry in his latest Limeblast feature on Leather International. There are two important topics at hand, namely the reopening of the industry and business events and the spread of information. For Setter, both should be answered with a focus on what is best for our health and that of our planet.

Economic interests are taking precedent over this for many people who put the costs of postponing or cancelling events and limiting business first. Certainly, postponing is becoming a redundant effort when it comes to the major industry events. Even when a fair like APLF is able to set a date and actually take place, it’s unlikely visitors will be jumping over the gates, as safety considerations will remain on everyone’s mind. Setter urges the industry to look forward and embrace solutions, such as conference calls and taking our time. Safety first.

What Setter is unwilling to do, is deal with organizations that willingly distribute false information. Certainly, there is something good to be said about wanting to better the world, but this should not go at the cost of facts and truth. Single-mindedly attacking leather ignores the fact that people eat meat, but also that high standards in animal welfare are upheld in the meat industry. There are more ways towards a better world, but blinding ourselves to the potential in the by-products our consumption creates is not helping us. If we want to work progressively on a more sustainable future, we need factual correct information and accept the value of by-products, which is vastly underrated by many. It’s the plastics we should focus on eradicating, concludes Setter.

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