Car buying will never be the same again post-Covid

Car buying will never be the same again post-Covid

In an opinion piece on Wheels24, the future of car shopping is discussed as the pandemic of COVID-19 sweeps our world. It is likely to assume that this will change everything about the way we deal with public spaces, work, shopping and car showrooms are no exception.

In the article, the question is: how much will the current day paranoia and anxiety affect future buyers? Purchasing a car is no small transaction and this is one of the reason it’s often done in person, physically present. But do we really still need to? Car dealers have for some become a bit of a weekend outlet, a place to browse, get informed and test vehicles to find the right one. But this crisis makes it abundantly clear that our safety is in our homes and purchasing can be done through the Internet. The fear of contamination risk will linger, long after the pandemic has passed. So would you still go to a dealership for a material sample for your seating? Or would you order a couple of samples at home? Decision-making will still rely on the first-hand experience, yet this will be very different and in this example the tactile qualities are everything (though the risk of decontenting remains).

There are many other aspects of the car industry that will be affected. Shared mobility, for example, may see a serious drop in interest, even though for a long time it was considered the promise of the future. But we’re anything if not adaptable, so even the test-drives will find a form of home-applicable solution.

But what about luxurious outlets, wonders the author? Well, the answer is easy. Even the high-net-worth clientele opts for convenience and safe distance, particularly in South Africa, where Wheels 24 is based, where some banks already operate without physical outlets. The question for the future is: who adapts best to a digital market?

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