Ancient Tradition of Luxury Leather Accessories

Ancient Tradition of Luxury Leather Accessories

Leather is a natural and durable material – and one of man’s earliest luxuries. It is one of the most significant and treasured materials to survive throughout the ages. How does the tradition of leather making fit into the modern world? This is a question Arts & Collections has looked into. 

Traditionally, leather making began as a ‘cottage industry’, practiced within families, but became industrialized primarily in the 1800s, as tanning techniques became more sophisticated. The automation happened in the latter half of the 19th century and over the last hundred years, the process became cleaner, faster, and more efficient. 

With the availability of durable synthetics, there are questions rising about investing in quality leather goods. Alistair Tusting from JR Tusting & Co Ltd. explains that there are export markets where the background of a product as important as its quality. Leather also has properties that can’t be matched by synthetic materials and comes in every desired color and texture. Yet, there is also the sustainability angle and, in their article, Arts & Collection finds a remarkable willingness of the industry to accommodate their customer’s needs. Genuine leather produced in modern English tanneries is highly sustainable, using premium quality hides sourced from cattle raised for beef would otherwise end up as landfill. The fact that leather is repairable, unlike some synthetics, and companies like Tusting can refurbish or repair its products makes the material a reliable choice for years to come. 

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