About us:

Offer the facts about leather

One 4 Leather is an expert group, active in the leather supply chain for the automotive industry, who have set themselves the task to dispel any myths, rumors or incorrect information regarding the resourcing, production, and usage of leather in automotive interiors. Our mission is to help people understand the value of leather and rekindle their appreciation for it as a superior interior material for their car.

By providing verified and complete information, we aim to offer the general public and industry the facts about leather.

Mission statement

We as an expert group are dedicated to strengthening the positive image of leather for automotive purposes by educating and inspiring the general public and the industry.

We believe that consumers and industry professionals deserve full disclosure and verified information. That’s why we provide a platform that enables you to form your opinion based on the complete story. As brands and consumers are continuously looking for the best possible materials around, they tend to search for facts but end up with opinions. As the distinction between these two is not always clear, a half-informed conclusion is easy to come by.

With issues regarding leather, there is no difference. That’s why the members of the One 4 Leather initiative joined forces to provide fact-based information to both the industry and the consumers. By sharing the data, insights and information about automotive leather and its undeniable qualities, benefits, and heritage as a sustainable and durable material, we believe we can create a positive sentiment around this material again. Because in the end: it’s all a matter of facts!

Since we are always looking for new insights and want to provide you with all the knowledge you need, feel free to contact us for questions, suggestions, and services we can offer.